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Current Yen Exchange Rates

Japanese Money

The Yen
Japan's main unit of currency is the yen (or en) (symbol: ¥). The sen, a former monetary unit, was worth 1/100 of a yen. ("Yen" originally referred to a round coin, while "sen" referred to a copper coin. The plural of "yen" is "yen.")

Coin Denominations
The low denominations are represented by coins: ¥1, ¥5, ¥10, ¥50, ¥100, and ¥500. Coins increase in size and weight with value. The kanji "Nihon Koku" (aka "Nippon Koku") means Country of Japan.

Banknote Denominations
¥1000, ¥2000, ¥5000, ¥10,000
"Nippon Ginko" means Bank of Japan.

Bank of Japan Notes and Coins Currently Issued

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Fun Facts and Trivia about Japanese Money